BAGMATIC® Bagging Machines Systems for Pre-Opened Bags-On-a-Roll



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BagMatic® helps you to meet your bag packaging needs, using bag sealing machines and pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. Transfer print from a computer or directly from your ERP System

Our customers are very pleased with our bagging equipment, because it represents a good and fast alternative to the packaging with Form-Fill-Seal machines. Changing from handpacking and moving to semi- or fully automatic bag sealing machines with thermo printing directly on the bags increases the production speed from 2 to 5 times normal speed.  

We offer a Complete Packaging Solution. We are experienced bag packaging professionals and have gained a deep understanding of our customers' current and future packaging needs.

We aspire a close dialog with our customers to be able to take account of their individual needs and objectives.

Therefore, we are able to consider what the packaging machine offers and combine our experience with the individual customer's needs to meet their demands for bags and aftermarket service at a high quality level. We aim to increase our customers' effectiveness and decrease business costs related to the packaging process. That's why we say: We bring you money!


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